Since the reunification of Hong Kong with China, China has a close link with Hong Kong both in business and personal levels. Given the differences in the legal and notarisation systems, local organisations or government in China often require attested documents.

S & G provides China Attesting Documents Services. The services are provided by Attesting Officer who is appointed by the Ministry of Justice in China.

The following sets out the documents which require attestation:

1. Declaration of marriage with a China national

2. Declaration for confirmation of a marriage with a China national

3. Declaration of Inheritance

4. Declaration of Applicaiton for reunion of relatives in China

5. Declaration for Adoption of children in China

6. Declaration of Application from China national to study overseas.

7. Power of Attorney for Appointing solicitors to conduct legal proceedings

8. Power of Attorney for Appointing attorney in the sale and purchase of properties in the China

9. Certifying corporate information of Hong Kong companies

10. Other documents

If you would like further information about China Attesting Docuements / Notary Documents Services, please contact our professionals and we will provide you with free advisory



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